Hey Influencers, Would you like to know how to change a negative, sales killing mind-set in less than 60 seconds? This particular formula really changed my mindset and has everything to do with how we make decisions and take action. I like to break things down the lowest common denominator. With a specific formula or system, I can move mountains; and I’ve found that my introvert influencers seem to like having a specific formula as well. So let’s break this down… First, something happens and then we instantly tell ourselves a story about what happened. That story sparks an emotion and then based on that emotion, we take action.  This process is called, “the path to action.” So the way that you change your mindset is to figure out how to change the story. A few months ago I had a launch that was supposed to be amazing, but my site crashed on the day of the launch. My brain immediately started calculating the story… “Oh my God, this is horrible.” “People are going to be upset.” The story I told myself could spark any emotion and that emotion would determine my action. Because I know this formula, I said, “I’ve already prepared for this and I’m going to create something even better than what I originally had planned. If somebody’s mad that’s okay, I can’t change that – it happened, we’re going to move on.” So I changed the conversation and turned a negative into a positive. My frustration turned to excitement. There was potential for fear, depression, defeat or any other negative emotion, but I changed the story. Change the story. Change the emotion. Change the action. Click To Tweet You have to change the conversation that’s going on in your mind. If you understand this and really apply it, you will be able to recognize when a negative conversation has happened and then you can change it in an instant. You can make the decision right then and there to change the story. Most of the time, the stories that we tell ourselves are not really reality. The whole idea of being an introvert is fueled by stories we’ve been told all our lives about who we are. Click To Tweet An introvert is what the world has labeled you, but you can change the conversation at any time. Yes, you’ll always be an introvert – it’s a part of who you are, but you can change the story to whatever you want. If you want to be a salesperson, you can be a salesperson. If you want to be a public speaker, you can be a public speaker, because you have the power change the story. If you’re going to have success in sales, particularly when you’re dealing with introversion or shyness. You’re going to have to understand this concept and be able to change the conversation in your mind in a second. Many of us have been programmed to believe false stories about ourselves. The truth is we have not been wired for success. Some people grow up around success, but that wasn’t my story. I wasn’t supposed to be successful. I wasn’t supposed to get the girl. I wasn’t voted most likely to succeed in high school. That wasn’t me. I was the introverted shy kid, right? I’m not supposed to be “that guy,” but I can decide to be.   This is conversation about sales, but it’s also a conversation about life. It’s the conversation in our own minds that we’re struggling with – not a sales pitch or technique- it’s about how you view yourself. How are you writing your story? So I want you to really think about an area of your life where you can apply this right now. What story are you telling yourself that’s holding you back from sales? What story are you telling yourself that’s holding you back from making money? What story are you telling yourself that’s holding you back from moving forward with your ideas? Get out a pen and paper and literally rewrite your story today. P.S. This concept came from a book called Crucial Conversations. You can get the book from favorite book library :  “Crucial Conversations,” by Robert Green 

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