What I’m about to say is going to hurt a little bit. Remember when the doctor told you: “Hey, this might sting a little bit.” – It’s like that, but I’m telling you it’s medicine for your business.
One of the first things I do with my client is to have them set goals for the next 30 Days. In this article, I will share with you the five questions I use and why.

Question 1: How much money do you wish to make this month?

If you’re thinking about making $5,000 this month and you haven’t ever made $500 this month, there’s a difference between dreaming and reality. There’s a gap there. And I’m not saying that you always have to be realistic but today, I want you to aim for your personal best. If the most you have made in a month is $1, then let’s try for $2. Does that make sense?

Question 2 : How much do you need to make to cover paying yourself, expenses, and taxes?
A harsh reality for new business owners is that you don’t get to keep everything you earn. You will have to add a buffer on top of what you want to make to cover taxes, expenses, etc.

Question 3: How are you going to make it? What products and services will be your focus? 

You may have several products and services that you offer. What are the top 3-5 products/services that will help you hit your number. Be specific.

I have an Amazon store; The Amazon store is great for additional income, but if I’m going to make $500 in the next 30 days, it’s probably not going to be my top focus. So, I want you to think about what is that product/service you need to focus on to hit your goal, to hit that number that you wrote down.

Question 4: How many customers will you need to hit your goals?

If you don’t have enough foot traffic to sell, then you’re not going to hit your number.
You’re going to have to do some math; we have to reverse engineer our goals and work backwards. If you only have a hundred people on your mailing list, and you’re trying to move 50 units, last time I checked the average on the mailing list was between 3% to 10% and 10% is excellent.

Question 5: How will you attract these customers? 

What social media site will you leverage? What lead magnet will you create to attract more potential customers? 

Let’s review
1) How much do you want to make?
2) How much do you need to make to cover taxes, expenses, etc. ?
3) How will you make it? (Product’s and Services)
4) How many customers will you need to attain your goal?
5) How will attract new customers? (i.e. lead magnet)

Some of my clients were a little depressed after this reality check with their business, but they always came back with a new fire. They now have a clear path to follow to attain their goals.

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