Being an introvert is an advantage. Let me help you win!

You’re wasting precious time you will never get back doing consult calls that don’t convert.

You know you have an amazing business, but as an introvert, the thought of constantly “putting yourself out there” (whatever that means) gives you hives!

You also rank the feeling of being rejected after you shared how you can help them right up there with being eaten alive by zombies during the Apocalypse!

You would love to be running a profitable business. Sitting on the couch with your spouse debating whether or not you should go to Jamaica or Bora Bora!


Eliminate unnecessary energy sucking activity that is draining you and your bank account


Set your consult call process  on autopilot so you can focus on counting money and reading your favorite book


Discover those no brainer money makers that are hiding in plain sight.


Get paid your worth versus working for what seems like coaching charity


Turn your discovery calls into an ATM machine versus free hour of charity work.


Develop a sales strategy that’s built on your strengths as an introvert. 


Kelly taught me how to have confidence in my calls and apply call flow to my consult calls. I was afraid to ask for the sale. This lead to my first five figure launch!!!

Tela Holcomb

Trading and Investment Coach,

Kelly taught me how to increase my conversion on my consult calls. Cash received 4 days after our first session surpassed my corporate monthly salary! #BOOM

Chichi Eruchalu

Business Strategist, Chichi Eruchalu

Kelly broke down exactly what I needed to do to make my business profitable.I was so fed up with courses that gave me a bunch of videos and PDFs. I needed somebody to cut the BS and tell me what to do! Kelly exceeded my expectations.

Brittany Butler

Money Stylist,

 Master your sales conversations + Crush the stage being yourself + Turn your introvert superpowers into revenue-generating skills

 1:1 Private Coaching

8 weeks


 Master your sales conversations + Crush your sales goals + Turn your introvert superpowers into revenue-generating skills

 1:1 Private Coaching

8 weeks